Places to Go on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Too many people think Florida’s biggest attraction is Disney World. The Mouse is great, but there are so many gorgeous beaches and fun cities around the Gulf coast. And these options are just on the gulf, that’s not to mention anything on the East side of Florida, or even down in the Keys. Get ready to create your places to go on the gulf coast of Florida bucket list, below.

Siesta Key

Not far from Bradenton or Sarasota (the “big” city nearby) is Siesta Key. It’s an eight-mile beach full of Florida’s best beach charm.

It’s not only a great place to swim, build sandcastles, and play in the waves – but there’s good day trip shopping and eating as well.

If you’re looking for a good place to get away from the kids for a weekend, if you have people watching them at your condo – this is it. There are some cute bed and breakfasts to spike your romance.

There’s also Turtle beach if you want to bring the whole family. Florida is a lively state, with even livelier wildlife!

Sarasota’s Ringling Museum

Is it too hot to be outside? Or maybe you’re having a stormy day while you’re visiting (it happens sometimes)? Then you should head to this indoor museum.

You’ll get a break from the rain/heat and you’ll see some truly extraordinary works of art. This museum has most of the artwork the Ringling family purchased when they made their fortune (in the circus business).

Bring a sketchbook for antsy kids and ask them to try to copy their favorite artwork the best they can. You can even tour their old family home (can you say mansion)?

If art isn’t your jam (or isn’t your kids’ jam) you can go to the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary. Tigers and lions and native Floridian birds, oh my!

This destination rescues exotic animals from people who think they make good pets – which they don’t. It’s a non-profit and they’d welcome your support.

Ybor City

If you’re willing to go a little farther, up in Tampa – there’s the historic Latin Ybor city. It’s a cultural capital for people of Cuban and Puerto Rican descent in the North East of the city.

It’s famous for its food (can you say Cuban sandwich) museums, community, and lively atmosphere. It’s totally worth making a half day trip, but you should go in the evening. That’s when the Latin flavor of the neighborhood really comes to life.

Bring your walking shoes and expect to pay for parking – it is a city.

Places to Go on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Whether you head to Siesta Key for a change in Beach scenery or you’re wanting to check out a cool art museum, The Florida Gulf Coast is the place for you.

If you invest in a condo, then you can visit all these places to go on the gulf coast of Florida. From antiquing gems to seeing dolphins out in the distance – you never know what you’ll find.