The Best Live Music Venues In and Around Bradenton, FL

You love music. In fact, you don’t just love it — you live for it.

So, in your mind, nothing could be better than enjoying your favorite tunes with a cold beverage in hand. Adding the buzz of excitement in the air in Florida only makes the experience that much more magical.

Sounds like you could use a dose of live music in Bradenton.

Bradenton’s live music venues will keep you entertained, whether it’s blues, local bands, country, or jazz that you love. Here’s a rundown on the best places to get your music fix.

Let’s get started!

Top Live Music Venues Include the Bridge Tender Inn

The Bridge Tender Inn is an excellent location for enjoying live music since it’s right on the water. On top of that, the inn provides excellent drink specials.

If you like fresh seafood, you’re in luck at The Bridge Tender. After all, this live music venue offers an excellent fresh fish selection.

Also, if you enjoy home-cooked meals, this restaurant and bar has plenty to offer.

This venue is an excellent place to enjoy both a music experience and a culinary experience on the popular Anna Maria Island.

McCabe’s Irish Pub

This is another hot spot for live music and first-rate food lovers in Bradenton. That’s because the brick-walled pub offers top-of-the-line music along with stellar cold drinks.

What sets this local music venue apart from the rest is that it offers a welcome traditional Irish pub vibe. On top of that, you can enjoy shooting some pool while taking in some of the best live music around at McCabe’s Irish Pub.

Island Time Bar and Grill

If you enjoy dining near the sea, then this live music venue in Bradenton is for you.

At the Island Time Bar and Grill, you get to experience colorful scenery along with dishes that won’t disappoint.

In addition, you can enjoy hearing the tunes of the Glass Onion Band or Koko Solo while drinking a freshly made margarita or Peach Bellini.

The combination of the open-air bar, upmarket fare, and laid-back vibe can easily make you feel as though you’re in paradise.

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