Coffee Lover: A Guide To Cafes in Bradenton, Sarasota

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A Coffee Lover’s Guide To Cafes in Bradenton-Sarasota

There are plenty of places to grab a cup of coffee in the bustling Bradenton and Sarasota area. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up snack, need a quiet place to work, want to socialize with friends or simply consider yourself a coffee lover, these local cafes offer an array of cozy atmospheres and, of course, coffee blends!

For A Fellow Coffee Lover:

The B’Towne Coffee Co.

On Old Main Street in the heart of the city, the B’Towne Coffee Co. is the perfect place to sit back and relax. In addition, you can even “get to know the character of Bradenton’s bustling downtown district” from a visit. After experiencing the district’s many shopping, entertainment and dining opportunities, enjoy B’Towne’s outdoor seating and unwind with one of their delicious brews.

Latte Luna

Secondly, whether you’re looking to indulge in ‘high tea’ or simply grab a bite to eat, Latte Luna has it all. This coffee lounge boasts a “deliciously relaxing atmosphere”. In fact, it also serves homemade pastries and exotic beverage blends. Choose from the favorite lattes, makers or recipes.

Oscura Cafe & Bar

Thirdly, this unique coffee shop is a modern twist on locals favorite things: Coffee and alcohol. The Oscura Cafe and Bar is just minutes away from the Bradenton Riverwalk, Village of Arts and Main Street. Come get a cup of coffee or a fancy cocktail with this option.

Perq Coffee Bar

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Then Perq Coffee Bar is for you! This specialty coffee house prides themselves in their precision and obsession over making good coffee. For instance, Perq only uses the finest equipment. Plus, they’re all about sustainability and cater to those engaging in a paleo or vegan diet!

Buddy Brew

Buddy Brew believes that each cup of Joe should be EXTRAORDINARY! With the roast from “farmers who diligently grow and process the beans to their highest quality,” Buddy Brew ensures that your morning coffee is absolutely perfect. Their coffee house is in Sarasota and features a modernly rustic atmosphere!

The Green Bean Coffee House

Enjoy this coffee shop’s organic, freshly made bakery goods, coffee blends and teas. Not only is this little cafe a great place to hole up with a good book or to get some work done, but it hosts movie nights and other fun community-wide events. Lastly, keep up with current events on The Green Bean Coffee House by visiting their site and Facebook page.

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