Perk Up: 6 Best Coffee Shops Bradenton FL Has to Offer

Did you know that the number of Americans who drink at least a cup of coffee a day is the highest it’s been in six years? That’s 64% of the population. We consume the most coffee in the world overall!

And that’s no different on the Gulf Coast of Florida, either. Gourmet coffee shops are everywhere you look—move over, Dunkin.

Are you planning a move to the Bradenton area? What are the best coffee shops Bradenton, FL has to offer?

We’ve compiled a list of local-approved favorites for you to try out. Read this list, decide what appeals to you, and then get ‘perked up’!

1. Mountain Comforts Coffee Café

This locally-owned shop in the heart of Bradenton features a locally-sourced menu that’s been perfected over time. Stop in here for homemade biscuits and gravy, vegetarian eggs benedict, and of course, notable coffee blends.

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 7am-2pm.

2. Oscura Café & Bar

This spot is a ‘collective hub for artists, entrepreneurs, students’ to gather, so expect lots of creativity here. Even the bar is set up beautifully, with minimal decorations and a healthy dose of plants. They offer your regular coffee items—espresso, cold brew—and provide a simple, chef-driven menu.

And once you’re done with coffee, try their 21-and-up offerings.

Open Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm; Friday + Saturday, 8am-9pm; and Sunday, 9am-5pm.

3. Tellers

This old Bank of America (hence the name) is now a spot to stop by for quick, on-the-go coffee, teller-style. Order through the window and get yummy coffee delivered to you, STAT. This shop is perfect for those who want great roasts but are also in a hurry.

Open Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm; Saturday 9am-1pm; and closed Sundays.

4. Land of a Thousand Hills

With a tagline like ‘Drink Coffee, Do Good,’ you’ll never feel bad about visiting this coffee shop that offers quality coffee—with a conscious.

They offer carefully-chosen Rwandan blends, and with each purchase, you’re providing life-changing work to Rwanda. They invest in coffee farming villages that subsequently provide education, living wages, healthcare, and clean water. This is all while spreading an appreciation for specialty coffee.

Open Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm, and Saturday 8am-2pm. Closed Sundays.

5. The Reserve

Just a quick 20-minute drive from our luxury condos, you’ll find The Reserve, a collection of three buildings offering food, wine, coffee, and books—a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Order a handcrafted coffee and then grab a book and take a load off.

Open Monday + Tuesday, 8am-6pm; Wednesday + Thursday, 8am-8pm; Friday + Saturday, 8am-10pm; and Sundays 8am-5pm.

6. Perq Coffee Bar

This shop near Bradenton offers single-origin coffees with a side of light bites. Simple seating, straightforward menu items, and great coffee are what you can find here. Come by for a more casual atmosphere with a side of coffee knowledge.

Open Monday-Saturday, 8am-4pm. Closed Sundays. Food ends at 2:30pm.

Gourmet Coffee Shops Bradenton, FL Locals Love

This list was carefully curated (much like your coffee) by gathering information from the locals. If you want to stimulate the economy, and stimulate yourself, visit one of these fantastic coffee shops Bradenton, FL provides us.

Central to all these great shops is Palma Sola Bay Club, one of the finest spots for condominiums on the Gulf Coast. As if you needed more convincing, check out this article on the top benefits of leaving near the beach.

See you soon!