Safe and Solitary Activities You Can Do While Social Distancing

Are you going stir crazy being stuck inside as social distancing becomes the new norm?

With most recreational facilities shut down, your options for getting out of the house and having a refreshing time are limited.

CDC recommends staying home as much as possible and physically distancing yourself from others, which adds to the challenge of staying entertained.

Creative solitary activities can help you fight the boredom of social distancing without exposing you unnecessarily to germs.

Try these options to keep yourself busy and entertained.

Check Out Local Parks

Even during a quarantine, you should aim to get your recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. That can be tough when gyms are closed and you’re supposed to keep your distance from others.

One creative way to stay active is by checking out local parks, especially if you live in a region that isn’t a coronavirus hotspot. Getting outside and filling your lungs with fresh air can help improve your mood.

Walking or biking on trails around local parks helps you get in your daily exercise. It also lets you get in touch with nature that you might not otherwise notice, especially with many parks less busy than usual.

Practice social distancing while exploring parks. Avoid large groups and keep at least 6 feet of distance between yourself and other people using the parks.

Avoid using the playground equipment, water fountains, restrooms, or any other amenities. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that involves touching surfaces that other people likely touched.

Enjoy the Water

Getting out on the water is another way to get exercise and enjoy fresh air while social distancing.

Grab a one-person kayak to explore local waterways. The Palma Sola Bay Club has a kayak launch on the Palma Sola Bay, making it easy to head out on the water.

Host a Virtual Get-Together

You can’t enjoy brunch or drinks with your friends in person right now, but modern technology means you can still see each other. Hop on a Zoom call or other video conferencing options to host a virtual get-together.

You can do the same thing for a social distancing book club or other discussion-based clubs.

These options help you feel connected and give your conversation a more personal feel than a regular phone call. You maintain your friendships and have stimulating conversations, which can break up the boredom of being at home so much.

Start an Indoor Garden

If you’re spending all of your time at home, why not bring some nature inside?

Growing an indoor garden or tending to a few houseplants gives you something to do. It also cheers up your home with some greenery.

One good option is an indoor herb garden. As the plants grow, you can use them in recipes. It’s a good opportunity to try new recipes that use fresh herbs.

Stay Safe With These Solitary Activities

Engaging in solitary activities or in activities only with people in your immediate household minimizes your exposure to the coronavirus. With a little creativity, you can keep yourself entertained at home or at a safe distance outside.

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