Take Advantage of the Florida Sunshine: 5 Year-Round Water Activities

Brr! It’s growing colder everywhere but Florida! Instead of wrapping up in layers of clothes, you could be enjoying the warmest of all American states, Florida. Places like Bradenton, FL are perfect for those who want to enjoy amazing year-round weather where they can do activities they can’t in the cold. Read on to learn about five year-round water activities to take advantage of in the Florida sunshine.

5 Year-Round Water Activities:

1. Kayaking

The Florida sunshine makes it perfect for a calm, relaxing kayaking trip. The gentle waters make it the picture-perfect activity you can do year-round. The weather in Bradenton FL makes kayaking a great water activity while exploring the beautiful scenery.

You can easily rent a kayak to enjoy one of the most loved Florida water sports. There are a variety of kayaking opportunities to explore. For example, here at Palma Sola Bay Club, we have a kayak lunch just steps away from our residences. Paddle out in the morning or evening without leaving your neighborhood.

2. Fishing

It’s easy to enjoy a good fishing trip, but it’s not fun when the weather is bad. Luckily, the average weather in Bradenton FL tends to be beautiful year-round.

Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world, and for good reasons. With an abundance of opportunities, you’ll never want to fish anywhere else. Living in Florida is a dream when you love fishing.

With plenty of docks to drop a line from, you can fish in a lot of different areas. If you are feeling an all-day fishing excursion, you can hop on a deep-sea fishing expedition. This activity can be enjoyed as a family or be used for some self-care time. Plus, you get to bring home the fish you catch so you can have fresh seafood for dinner that night.

3. Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding is one of the Florida water sports everyone wants to try. Because the average weather in Bradenton FL is no nice, you can enjoy this sport on most days.

Florida waters can be tranquil enough to enjoy a smooth paddleboarding ride. The warm water is a plus as you won’t mind falling in trying it out for the first time. Once you find your balance, it’s smooth sailing from there. At the expert level, you can even do some yoga on your paddle board.

4. Boating and Sailing

The constant Florida sunshine makes boating and sailing a must when you enjoying the weather in Bradenton FL. There are plenty of types of boats you can take a joy ride with. They range from paddleboats to canoes to speedboats, and more.

There truly is a speed and style for everyone to enjoy. You and the family could even sign up for a sailing tour or another unique boating adventure. Palma Sola Bay Club is near so many bodies of water you can explore too. For example, our home is near Palma Sola Bay, the Manatee River, and Sarasota Bay.

5. Beach Day

Bradenton weather in the winter months is perfect for visiting the beach. A good beach day doesn’t have to include just swimming, there are a lot of other beach activities to enjoy in the Florida sunshine.

The beautiful Florida beaches are perfect for strolling, biking, building sandcastles, snorkeling, or water-side dining. Enjoying the warm sand between your toes and the sun on your back is always a plus too. Good thing Palma Sola Bay Club is only a short drive from Anna Maria Island and Bradenton Beach.

Enjoy Florida Sunshine the Right Way

Enjoying year-round gorgeous weather is a dream that comes true when you live in Bradenton, FL. You could be enjoying Florida sunshine the right way by always finding a new activity to try. Start with these five year-round water activities to make the most out of your days in Florida.

If you love gorgeous weather and fun water activities, Bradenton could be the place for you. View our residences now by contacting us today.