3 Energy-Efficient Features You Need In Your New Home

Going ‘green’ can be as easy as conserving water or separating trash from recyclables. Energy-efficient features can make a big difference in your lifestyle. For example, one of the biggest pros of investing in a new construction home is the evolution of features. Palma Sola Bay Club’s beautiful, affordable new construction condominiums are up-to-date with the latest environmentally conscious utilities to keep your energy usage low and your spending even lower. Here are a few ways to ensure your new home is leaving a greener footprint with these energy-efficient features.

3 Energy-Efficient Features You Need

1. Take advantage of an energy-efficient AC and heating system.

Firstly, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Saver resource, air conditioning uses approximately 5% of the electricity produced in our nation. This results in an estimated $11 billion dollars spent by homeowners. Homes that utilize an energy-efficient AC and heating system save money on electricity bills and help promote sustainable living as well. Our new condominium homes have the high-efficiency 15-SEER Carrier® central air conditioning and heating system. This is for serving homeowners’ needs while saving as much energy as possible.

2. Invest in water-saving plumbing fixtures.

Secondly, children often learn that saving water means turning off the faucet when brushing their teeth. Our construction goes beyond that and seeks to minimize the waste of water that happens in households across the globe everyday. For instance, each condo is complete with water-saving, low flow amenities that serve to conserve (i.e. our Moen® water-saving plumbing fixtures!)

3. Implement eco-friendly ventilation systems.

Lastly, our condos are furnished with eco-friendly exterior ventilation for the microwave, bathroom fans and dryer vents. Not only is this an energy-saver but it also promotes cleaner air for you and for family to breathe. Make sure that your new home is the perfect fit for both you and our planet!

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