4 Condominium Decorating Tips to Transform Your Condo

If you’re thinking about retiring in Florida, you aren’t alone, as you’re reading this, 1,000 people are in the middle of their move to the sunshine state. About 3.5 million residents are over the age of 65, and this number is quickly growing.

You know you’ll be in good company and have made a great choice in where to retire. So let’s move on to the next step in the moving process, settling in and condominium decorating. Embrace your new retired life and give your condo a luxurious, yet Florida inspired aesthetic.

We have four tips to help you make the most of your new condo.

1. Framed Art

Have custom frames made for your art or prints. This will give them an elevated and cohesive look throughout your condo. By displaying your art collection, you can add color to the space while also being able to appreciate and enjoy your collection.

If you don’t have an extensive art collection for your condo decoration, you can find beautiful pieces crafted by local artists. There’s a fine arts festival every February and plenty of galleries located in downtown Bradenton.

2. Large Rugs

If your new condo has tile or wood flooring, it can feel cold and hard. An area rug can define the space while making it feel warmer and cozier. You could place one in a hallway and another in the living area to create flow.

When purchasing your rug, think about the furniture you intend to use. Your rug should be large enough to tie the room together by at least reaching under the front legs of each piece of furniture.

3. Use Accessories

Small touches throughout your condo can add a polished look that will take your condo from just ok, to stunning. These small condo decorations are the perfect place to add a touch of Florida without it looking overdone or campy.

You could place throw pillows of different sizes and patterns that have a subtle nautical theme. Or you could have a vase with some local flowers and fauna. A glass bowl with seashells can look lovely on the coffee table.

4. Luxurious Natural Materials

Consider blending colorful fabrics with more common natural materials in your condo decorating. Furniture or art pieces made of driftwood will add a touch of Florida nature while also staying elegant.

Use natural fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, and silk for your furniture and window treatments. These fabrics are long-lasting and naturally beautiful. Cotton is a smart choice for upholstery as it’s durable and easily cleaned.

Silk or linen can make elegant window treatments. Just be sure to line the silk as its susceptible to fading in the sun.

Master the Art of Condominium Decorating

When it comes to condominium decorating, it’s all about making the space a reflection of you. It should be an oasis for you to escape to. Think about how you want to use the space and what will make you the most comfortable.

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