4 Tips to Choose an Ideal Floor Plan When Buying a Luxurious Condo

The average American spends $987,000 in retirement. A significant portion of this expense is the home you choose to live in. A smart decision that many people make is to buy their retirement home before they retire.

You can find the ideal floor plan by looking for a condo that you can transition into retirement life with. When choosing between home floor plans, there are a few points you need to keep in mind.

Follow these four tips to help you choose the perfect floor plan for your needs.

1. Think About Your Lifestyle

Don’t assume that every floorplan will fit your lifestyle. Think about what rooms you use the most and the least. Then, prioritize these spaces in your future condo.

If you love to cook, then you’ll want a condo with plenty of kitchen space. For those who love to entertain, you’ll want plenty of living room space with an easily accessible bathroom.

Think about if you prefer an open layout floor plan or individual walled-off rooms. Try to imagine yourself in the condo and moving about the floor plan. You want to choose one that feels comfortable and natural to you.

2. Compare the Size of the Room to Your Current Furniture

It can help to measure your existing furniture and walking spaces. This will help you determine if the square footage of the rooms is adequate. Don’t assume that the listed square footage will be enough.

You should also consider this if you enjoy entertaining. If you have a specific square footage in mind, you want to ensure the space is used efficiently. Two condos with the same square footage can feel completely different inside.

A poorly designed floorplan will make the square footage feel cramped and small. This is less than ideal if you plan to invite guests over regularly.

3. Consider Location and Floorplan

Sometimes, the ideal house plan isn’t right because the location of the condo isn’t ideal. This is especially true on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Waterfront views are a premium, and you may be willing to compromise on some aspects of your floorplan to have the perfect view of the sun setting over the water.

Another location consideration is the floor that the condo is located on. Are you comfortable and able to climb multiple flights of stairs to get to your condo? Look for a condo community that offers desirable floor plans on all levels.

4. Don’t Forget the Outdoor Space

Living outdoors is a part of the Floridian lifestyle. This could be as simple as having a cocktail on your balcony while you watch the sunset. But you can’t enjoy this small pleasure in life if you don’t have a balcony to sit on.

Consider how much time you plan to sit outside. Would a balcony just big enough for a cafe table and chairs be large enough? Or do you prefer a balcony that’s large enough to host a dinner?

Compare Condo Home Floor Plans

Keep these tips in mind when searching for your ideal floorplan. There are many possible home floor plans, but not all will be right for you. Look for a floorplan that fits your lifestyle, current furniture, and is in your ideal location.

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