Apartment vs. Condo: 5 Reasons Why Condos Are Better

Are you deciding whether a condo or an apartment is right for your lifestyle? Continue reading about our condos…

If you’re looking for luxury, condos are often the best route to take. With condo living, residents can benefit from five-star living all from the comforts of their own home. Perhaps this is why more than 25% of the U.S. population chooses community living.

So, what else makes condos better than an apartment? Read on to learn the five ways in which condo living comes out on top.

1. High-End Dwelling

As compared to apartments, condos are generally considered to be a more high-end dwelling.

With this, the interior and the exterior of the condo building are usually more luxurious and well-constructed than with apartments. This is because condos are generally created for more long-term living as compared to apartment buildings that see a higher turnover rate.

2. Security

One of the most coveted aspects of condo life has to be the benefit of having a security system.

Here at Palma Sola Bay Club, we have a gated entrance and each residence has a specific code to enter. We also have a fenced in community.

This can allow residents to feel all the more safe and secure throughout their residency at that condo. This is especially helpful as many condos tend to be located in urban locales.

3. Amenities

Most condo buildings will offer their residents a magnitude of services and amenities.

This could be anything from a fitness studio and a swimming pool to a party room or even a spa. These amenities help to bring condo living the next level and offer a taste of luxury to the residents.

If you’re moving from house to condo, these amenities are sure to help ease the transition.

4. Residents

Who are the residents that make up the building?

With apartment buildings, the residents are generally tenants. This means that they don’t own their unit or have an investment in the overall wellbeing of the building. While they may still express care and consideration to the apartment, they aren’t as personally invested in the health of the building.

This is as compared to condo residents that generally own the unit in which they reside. When we consider that two-thirds of residents living in condos are owners, it’s easy to see the differing level of care.

The simple fact is that owners are generally more financially invested in the wellbeing of the building. This means that they’re more likely to ensure that the building is respected, cared for, and remains clean and safe.

5. Property Management

Throughout your duration living at a condo, you’re likely going to require the help of property management.

This could be with anything from issues within your own unit to inquiries with the amenities. Either way, each and every condo building will have a dedicated property management team.

This team exists to provide help and guidance to residents in a timely manner.

Condos vs. Apartments

Now it’s your turn!

At the end of the day, condos are going to provide their residents with a variety of added luxuries. From the building itself to amenities and security, the added luxuries of condos are well worth it to many prospective buyers.

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