Creative Closet Organizer Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

An MSN poll reports that 63% of the people surveyed said they are planning on getting rid of the outdated clothing taking up space in their closets within the next year.

Are you thinking the same?

Whether you’re just moving into one of the many condos in Florida or thinking “out with the old, in with the new,” in your current space, you might be in need of some new closet organization ideas.

A neat and organized closet can be the zen you need in your life. Keep reading to learn some of the new and creative closet organizer ideas.

Time to Set Up Your Closet? Creative Closet Organizer Ideas

Closet storage ideas are always popular because who doesn’t feel better when things are organized and in their place? Let’s take a look at some of the best closet organization ideas.

1. Add Storage Under Hanging Clothes

Firstly, don’t waste the space underneath your hanging clothes. Add a shoe rack or a storage unit like a dresser or cabinet or both. The top of the cabinet can be used for hats or jewelry or other accessories as well.

2. Hang Small Items and Accessories

Secondly, use shower curtain hooks on a hanger. You can hang anything from tank tops to jewelry to scarves. It’s a neat, easy way to put them all in one place.

3. Use Baskets

Put similar things in baskets on hard-to-reach shelves. It’ll be easier to pull down the basket than individual items. Have a basket for your workout t-shirts and bottoms, belts, tights, purses, etc. Be sure to label the front so you know what’s in each.

4. Utilize the Corners

Put up corner shelves to maximize your space. Instead of that corner space being wasted with two rods meeting up (can’t hang anything there anyway), install shelves to use for shoes or folded clothing. You can also put baskets on the corner shelves with other closet items.

5. Use Shelf Dividers

Want to keep your sweaters or cotton tops neatly on the shelf? Use shelf dividers to keep each pile in one spot and prevent them from falling over. Maybe you organize your items by color? Place a divider between each of the color families.

6. Use Real Hangers

It can be tempting to use the hangers that you get when you buy your clothes at the store but don’t. They make your closet look messy and they get tangled. Opt for nice wooden hangers or the non-slip velvet space-saving hangers. Your closet will look more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Closet Solutions

Above all, now that you know some of the creative closet organizer ideas, you can update your closet space or create an amazing closet in your new home.

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