How to Hire Home Movers That Will Help You Settle Into Your New Condo

Did you know that Florida is listed as the #1 state that people are moving to in the US? The sunshine state is attractive for its warm temperatures, beautiful beaches, and world-class communities.

And if you’re headed there, not only do you need to find the perfect community, but you also need to find a reputable company of home movers to get your possessions safely there.

Here are our top tips for finding the right movers for your relocation.

1. Check the Reviews

Now that you’ve found the perfect condo community complete with all the luxury amenities you’re looking for, it’s time to select a home moving service that you can trust to transport your belongings.

One of the best tips is to check the reviews for the movers you’re looking at. Their website should offer a review or testimonial page. The testimonials on the company’s website will likely be the best they have. So make sure to do a Google search to see other opinions about the company.

You can also request references directly from the company itself. Ask them if any of their previous clients would be willing to offer their opinion of the services received. Understanding clients’ past experiences will help you determiane if the moving company is up to your standards.

2. Do a Thorough Walk-Through and Inventory

Any professional mover will perform a thorough walkthrough of the property that you are moving your possessions from. Make sure that you both have a copy of a thorough inventory that will be transported by the home movers.

Not only does this allow you to make sure that all of your things arrive at your new condo, but it also is vital in processing potential insurance claims.

Make sure that a copy of the inventory is included in the official contract paperwork.

3. Always Select Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

All legitimate home moving services will offer a base level of insurance known as a low-level liability or alternative-level liability. This means that if any of your possessions are lost or damaged while in the movers’ care that they will only pay a percentage of the cost to repair or replace them, not the full cost.

You should only contract with a home moving company that offers a total liability or comprehensive insurance. This guarantees that any item that is lost or damaged while in their possession will be replaced, completely paid for, or repaired to its original condition at no cost to you.

4. Never Pay a Large Deposit

Some companies may require a small percentage of the contracted price as a deposit. But make sure never to pay a large amount. This would allow the service provider to take your money, possessions and then leave.

Your contract should state that a large majority (if not all) of the funds will be paid upon delivery of your goods. This will encourage the movers to do a thorough and quality job.

5. Know Your Contract Terms

There are typically 3 types of contract estimates. We’ll describe them briefly below.

  • Binding Estimates: you and the movers agree to a set cost before moving
  • Non-Binding Estimates: the movers cannot charge more than an additional 10% of the estimate (this allows you to request additional services or move extra items after contracts are signed)
  • Non-Binding to Exceed: the movers will not charge overage fees for additional requests

Knowing what type of contract you’re signing can help you prepare for whether or not you need to pay additional costs.

Finding the Right Home Movers Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Lastly, finding the right movers for relocation to your condo is all about preparation and attention to detail. If you cross your “T’s” and dot your “I’s” then you’re likely to have a positive experience with the home movers you choose.

Still not sure you’ve found the right property? Check out one of our award-winning floor plans today to find the condo you’ve been dreaming of.