Spring Has Sprung: The ‘Declutter Your Home Checklist’ Is Here!

Do you have a clutter problem? You aren’t alone; one in four Americans struggle with clutter. This isn’t surprising when you consider that the average American home contains 300,000 items.

Clutter can become an even bigger struggle when you live in a condo. You have a specific amount of storage space, and when that becomes full, the clutter will spill out into your living areas.

Use this guide as you declutter your home checklist and start enjoying an organized condo.


Do you have a takeout drawer? It’s that drawer full of tiny packets of condiments, plastic silverware, and menus. You tell yourself that one day you’ll use them and be glad you have this drawer. But be honest, when has that day actually happened?

It’s time to get rid of things you don’t use in your kitchen. This includes these packets, kitchen utensils, or extra condiment packets. Look through your cabinets and toss the expired food and spices that you haven’t cooked with in years.

Look through your pantry for containers with barely anything in them. Clean them out and recycle the jars.


Do you have bottles of half-used beauty products lying around? Or maybe you bought a specialty hair product that didn’t perform the way you had hoped. Then there are the countless floss containers that your dentist sends you home with every time you visit.

Gather all of your products and containers and sort through them. Throw away anything that’s used up, past expiration date, or something you won’t use. If you have unused products, you can donate them.


Do yourself a favor and donate clothes you no longer wear to a local Bradenton charity. This includes garments that don’t fit and clothes you simply don’t have occasion to wear. If you’ve recently moved to Florida, you probably have several winter items that you no longer need.

You can embrace the retired life by getting rid of several suits and other office attire. Keep one or two in case you need to dress professionally, but you don’t need an entire wardrobe of them.

Without the clutter, you can spend less time looking for something to wear and feel less stressed.

Living Room

People tend to collect newspapers, magazines, and other reading material in their living rooms. Decide if you want to get rid of these items or find a better way to organize it. Getting rid of them is as easy as putting it all in a trash bag.

If you want to keep them, look for a shelving or rack system. You could sign up for digital versions of your favorite prints. Then you can free up the clutter and access your reading material from anywhere, including the gym or pool.

Follow This Declutter Your Home Checklist

By following this declutter your home checklist, you can clean and organize your condo. Work your way through each room. Gather old and unused items and either throw them away or donate them.

Find your dream condo today and start living the quintessential Florida beach lifestyle.