Why Many Empty-Nesters Are Moving Into Condos (and Why You Should To)

Picture this: You’re having coffee with your best friend and fellow empty-nester and they tell you they’re thinking about moving. When you ask where to, much to your surprise, they tell you they’re considering downsizing to a luxury condo. And while it’s an unexpected answer, it does have you wondering if empty-nesters might be onto something.

Increasingly, empty-nesters just like you have been making the switch to luxury condos. And while you’re interested in the possibility, looking for a new home and moving can be such a hassle.

So what’s in it for you?

A world of exciting possibilities, of course! Here are several benefits of why you should move to a luxury condo.

Financial Savings

First and foremost, downsizing into a condo makes financial sense.

With the kids out of the house, you’re likely paying for more space than you need. Maintenance, utility fees, monthly mortgage payments, and home insurance rates can all contribute to greater costs for single-family homes. With a condo, even a luxury one, you could have a lower mortgage and insurance payment, lower utility bills since it’s a smaller space, and you won’t be responsible for the maintenance fees and upkeep.

Plus, when you sell your current home, you’ll likely have money left over since well cared for single-family homes can go for far more than the cost of a condo.


A huge draw for luxury condos is the amenities. Lifestyle communities pride themselves on offering their residents the experience of living at a resort by featuring a wide array of offerings. These amenities typically include things like heated pools, entertaining areas, and clubhouses.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, when you move to a luxury condo community you’re no longer responsible for yard work or upkeep since that’s handled by maintenance staff. With home upkeep off your plate, you’re free to enjoy your new home and community stress-free.

With these offerings, it’s like you’re on vacation every day!


Let’s face it, even in small neighborhoods, it can be tough to build a sense of community. Not so in luxury condo communities!

Lifestyle communities work hard to build community amongst their residents by offering a wide range of events. This can include book clubs, game nights, sports teams, and cooking classes. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet your neighbors and make friends.

While getting to participate in fun activities is beneficial enough, knowing your neighbors makes for a safe community as well. And with safety comes peace of mind.

Ready for Luxury Condos?

Now that we’ve shown you how great it can be to live in luxury condos, we’re sure you’re ready to start the search for your new condo. We believe you’ll love calling Palma Sola Bay Club home. We pride ourselves on being the premier lifestyle community for empty-nesters in Bradenton.

If you’re ready to take the next step as empty-nesters, contact us today! We’d love to hear from you.