8:55 am October 26

Book Club Announcement


Book Club Announcement When and where? Monday, November 12 at 6:30 PM in the Clubhouse The current book we have selected is entitled A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena. Most noteworthy reviews are below. Reviews "In this neighborhood, [...]

2:39 pm October 11

Art Club


The Art Club is a place for artists of all skill levels to practice and develop their technique. A peaceful place of growth, discovery, and collaboration. If you have a talent, use your creativeness! If you have an interest, explore [...]

2:36 pm October 11

Book Club


Love to read? There's nothing like a good book! The feel of the paper, the smell of the ink, and the company of others who share your interests. A book club is a perfect way to express your creativity and [...]

2:33 pm October 11

Water Aerobics


Water aerobics is the performance of aerobic exercise in a swimming pool. It is a type of resistance training. Exercising in water builds cardiovascular stamina, strength, and flexibility, helps burn body fat, increase circulation, and can help you rehabilitate healing [...]

2:29 pm October 11

Game Night


Game night is currently looking for a host! It can be once a month or once a week. Board games, trivia games, card games...your choice! Please contact Vicki Gill at if you love game night! Game Night is Fun [...]

2:27 pm October 11

Pickle Ball


Do you have experience in pickle ball? We are currently looking for a host to facilitate pickle ball games. Please contact Vicki Gill at if this interest speaks to you. What is pickle ball? Pickle ball is a paddle [...]

2:20 pm October 11

Kayak Club


Kayak Club coming soon! Details to follow. Why Join the Kayak Club? Even though our kayak club is coming soon, there are several reasons why you should join. Firstly, our kayak club allows our residents to enjoy Florida in the [...]

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