Art Club

The Art Club is a place for artists of all skill levels to practice and develop their technique. A peaceful place of growth, discovery, and collaboration.

If you have a talent, use your creativeness! If you have an interest, explore it! This is a supportive environment. Some supplies are available upon request. To learn what other activities we offer to our residents, go to our community events page today.

Our Painting Classes take place every Wednesday from 10 AM to 12 PM.

What Art Club Can Do for You

Besides creating beautiful master pieces for you and your loved ones, art can improve your mental health. Like Pablo Picasso once said, “art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”. So, how does art club relieve stress? People are normally very focused while creating a work of art. Therefore, art distracts you from your normal life stressors leaving you with a free mind and art to call your’s.

Along with improving your stress levels, art can help you connect to other emotionally. For instance, art can increase you empathy you have with others. Either viewing it or creating it in our art club, art increases the release of dopamine receptors in our brains. As a result, we feel much more relaxed and pleased with life.

Art can also help people of all ages improve their creativity. During our art club sessions, we support and help those with all creative levels. Weather you are a pro and can create museum-like pieces or you need assistance with stick figures, art club is the place for you. Art has the ability to express emotions and embrace natural talent.