Book Club

Love to read? There’s nothing like a good book! The feel of the paper, the smell of the ink, and the company of others who share your interests. A book club is a perfect way to express your creativity and to make new friends in the community.

We would like to hear your suggestions for our next good read. Come join us!

Why Join the Book Club?

First of all, a book club is perfect for those residents who love to get lost in the story of a good book. Books allow us to express our imagination in many ways. For instance, books make us laugh, cry and even fall in love. A book club is an outlet to express what you felt in a story and share it with your close friends and neighbors. Everyone can have a different perception about a certain storyline and you would never know without joining a book club!

When you join a book club, you are increasing your social life. Everyone of all ages needs a social life. In fact, seniors can live a happier and healthier life by interacting with others. Our community takes pride in providing our residents with ways to meet new people, collaborate on ideas and maintain a healthy level of social activity. Therefore, a book club is a perfect way to do just that.

Along with meeting new friends with the book club, you can also increase your reading and writing skills. Reading books exposes you to many words and descriptions you might not otherwise know. Most noteworthy, the greatest books are written by the most legendary writers and they perfected their grammar skills a long time ago. After all, practice makes perfect and by reading more and more books you can become a better reader and writer.

What is your favorite book? Do not wait to view our newest book club announcement today.