Hawaiian Luau Event This Saturday

Hawaiian Luau Event

Where and where is the Hawaiian Luau Event?

This Saturday, October 27 @ 5:00 – 8:00 PM – Poolside

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This video features our residents engaging in our Hawaiian Luau Event poolside at our clubhouse. They learned several different types of traditional Hawaiian dances. For example, flying like an eagle, proper steps to the beat and dancing to waves of the ocean. Our residents had a great time dancing and appreciating the Hawaiian culture. Stay tuned to find out when our next Hawaiian Luau event is.

Hawaiian Luau History

Like every big celebration, Hawaiian Luaus consist of family and friends gathering together to celebrate a significant life event. For example, Hawaiian Luaus can celebrate a war victory, family achievements or even for significant community improvements. Centered around food, luaus are fun for the whole family and an exciting social gathering to attend.

Hawaiian Luaus were first called ‘aha‘aina, meaning ‘gathering meal’. Traditional ‘aha‘aina luaus have many restrictions such as limiting what food to eat, and differing meal times by gender and by wealth. Traditional luaus are lavish events only for the royals and their families where attendees could only eat with their fingers. During King Kalakaua’s reign, however, he changed luaus to be more inclusive. King Kalakaua made luaus more similar to how we view them today.

The traditional practices were put to rest and the term ‘luau’ means ‘taro plant’, which is the most popular dish during the event. Other most common meats during Hawaiian Luau Events include pigs, poi and salmon. Most common fruits and vegetables include coconuts, taro plants, pineapples and bananas. More current luaus have also added utensils. Luaus have gained much popularity for people between 30-50 years go age.

We look forward to hosting our next Hawaiian Luau Event!