Kayak Club

Kayak Club coming soon!

Details to follow.

Why Join the Kayak Club?

Even though our kayak club is coming soon, there are several reasons why you should join. Firstly, our kayak club allows our residents to enjoy Florida in the purest form – water life. Feeling the sun on your back and watching the water ripple in front of you is a very calming way to enjoy an average day. There is nothing better than paddling around the local canals right in your own back yard. Stay tuned for more information about our kayak club!

Secondly, kayaking is an upper-body workout for those residents of all ages who love being on the water. For instance, our kayak club can help work out your arms, back, shoulders and even core. Kayaking can be seen as strength training as well as a cardio workout. In fact, people who kayak regularly can burn up to 400 calories every hour. Staying in the boat paddling for two hours or even for 30 minutes with our kayak club has more health benefits than not doing anything at all.

Experience Sea Life

You might even see wildlife while kayaking in Florida. For our senior residents, you can enjoy sightseeing while kayaking. Florida is home to many animals such as manatees, turtles and exotic birds. This low impact paddling causes no harm to the environment and is fun for all ages. Watch beautiful Florida birds soar through the mangroves or catch how many times you see jumping fish by joining our kayak club.

Be one with nature and join our kayak club when it’s available. Kayaks can come in single or double-paddler so feel free to tell your neighbors about our up and coming new kayak club. We cannot wait to get this club started. For more information about what else we offer to our residents, check out the community events page today!