Here’s What to Expect From the Climate on Florida’s Gulf Coast

More than 300,000 people move to Florida every year. Many people can say they love Florida’s gulf coast because of the beaches, the fun things to do, and more. But just about everyone can say they love living in the sun.

There’s a reason why Floridians lounge in their bathing suits year-round — Florida weather is sunny year-round. Even in the winter, temperatures usually stay in the 70’s and 60’s.

But new Floridians need to stay alert for one major weather factor: hurricanes.

Be sure to pack your shorts and sunscreen! Continue reading to know all about the weather on the Florida gulf coast.

Sunny Bradenton

If you love the sun, Florida is the place to live. As you travel more south, the temperature only increases. And Bradenton is situated perfectly along Florida’s coast.

The warm air is a nice welcome for many people, especially those who are from up north. They call Florida the “Sunshine State” for a reason; Florida sunshine burns brightly in the sky year-round, tanning your skin and surrounding you with warmth.

In the summer, you’ll usually experience temperatures between 88 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Native Floridians are used to the hot temperatures, but this may come as a surprise to northerners.

Make sure you have plenty of tank tops, shorts, and a powerful air conditioning unit!

While Florida doesn’t get freezing cold in the winter, the evenings can get pretty chilly. Fortunately, Florida usually doesn’t receive a drop of snow. This is why so many northerners (nicknamed “snowbirds”) flock down to Florida every winter.

Rain and Storms

Many new Floridians fear hurricanes. While Florida does receive its fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms, only one or two hurricanes make landfall every year in the Sunshine State.

Hurricane season runs from May to November, so always be prepared during this time.

Florida’s tropical and subtropical climate attracts many thunderstorms.

But Florida storms are different for another unique reason: they’re significantly short. So don’t let the rain in Florida get you down because it won’t take long for the sun to come back out!

Weather in Bradenton

Florida is a large state with varying climates. How does the gulf coast, specifically Bradenton, differ?

If you’re living close to the water, you might feel a nice breeze on a sunny day. The afternoon is the hottest part of the day and the temperature decreases in the evening.

In other words, if you want nothing more than to lay out in the sun or on the beach, Bradenton is the place to live!

Ready to Move to Florida’s Gulf Coast?

Have you ever wanted to live on the Florida gulf coast? Florida attracts year-round sunshine and doesn’t receive a drop of snow. This is one of the many reasons why people around the world flock to Florida.

While Florida does get hurricanes, they’re not as frequent as you may expect (but you should always stay prepared).

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