5 Apps To Use When You’re Moving Out

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5 Apps To Use When You’re Moving Out

Relocating is an exciting part of life…but it can be equally daunting. In a world of ever-evolving technology, our phones equip us with apps for just about anything. Here are five (free!) iPhone/Android apps to use when you’re moving out that can help organize and prepare you for this thrilling new chapter of life:

Apps to use when you’re moving out:

1) My Move

Firstly, My Move offers a complete virtual survival kit to planning your big move. Read up on useful tips and tricks, access reliable moving companies, find the best rates on transportation services, calculate the weight of household goods and more. In addition, this innovative app also lets you request moving quotes for free!

2) Evernote

When relocating, it quickly becomes apparent that organization is essential to a smooth process! With so much to keep track of, it’s easy for things to get lost in the mess of a gigantic move (both figuratively and literally)! Secondly, this option – Evernote – takes your note keeping to the next level. Available for both handheld devices and Mac laptops, Evernote is dedicated to keeping you organized on the go. For instance, make to-do lists and organize articles or documents. Or even jot down quick notes and more.

3) Yelp

Thirdly, download the app and be in the know about your new location! In fact, it helps you check out nearby restaurants, entertainment venues, family-friendly activities and more with a simple click of a button. You’ll have easy access to ratings and recommendations from other local residents. This free download, Yelp, is a ‘must’ for once you are unpacked and settled.

4) Houzz Interior Design

Fourthly, Houzz is an award-winning home design platform. In addition, it brings home professionals and homeowners together. In the app, it’s part interior designer, part online store. New homeowners can get inspired by unique decorative styles. For example, use the “view my room” feature to preview how your room would look with certain designs and shop for the latest fashionable sales.

5) Bradenton Area

If you’re relocating to the gorgeous, Bradenton, then the Bradenton Herald News app is a must! Explore an exciting calendar of events, fun facts about your new home and more. Start your journey to becoming a true Floridian by downloading this unique app.

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