The Best Things About Living Right Near the Beach

In the 18th century, sea bathing was common for health and wellness. There were even special bathing clinics that offered spa-like seawater bath treatments. It turns out that those early doctors were right. Living right near the beach has marked benefits, even in our day and age.

Read on for a guide to the benefits of living near the ocean.

Better Health

A study found that the closer people live to the coast, the better their health.

You don’t need a study to tell you that going to the beach makes you feel calm and relaxed.

Watching the ocean and feeling the salty spray in your face is one of the best ways to be totally in the moment.

A Better Night’s Sleep

The air by the sea is typically clean and fresh and somewhat removed from the urban air pollution you’d find in downtown cities.

THe higher levels of oxygen can help improve your sleep. Also, you won’t need a white noise machine. The rhythmic sound of waves is soothing as you relax and

You’re More Likely to Exercise

When you live near the ocean, it gives you access to a massive pool and workout area. And it’s free!

Swimming, surfing, hiking and walking on the sand are all options when you live near the ocean.

The best coastal cities make it motivating to want to work out. No need for a dreary basement gym with bad lighting. Just step out your doors and enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean.

Walking on the beach every day lowers your stress levels, recharges your batteries and lets you get your thoughts in order.

There’s also the exercise-mindset that is part of a coastal community. Enjoy golf, swimming pools, and bocce ball court right on your condominium.

Technology Detox

Living by the beach offers you the chance to unplug from cell phones, tablets, TVs and computers. Smartphone addiction comes with serious mental issues such as OCD and depression.

Spending more time outdoors will curb your addiction for staring at a screen. And as soon as you regain a healthy technology use balance, you will notice a shift in your perspective and your thought process.

Glorious Sunsets and Sunrises

The sight of an orange breaking sunrise or the purples and pinks of a sunset are breathtaking. Even more so when the view is open and free from obstruction.

Combine that with the colors of the ocean and you have a magnificent show that you can never get tired of.

Late-night Star Gazing

Living near the beach offers late-night benefits as well. There’s nothing like lying on the sand looking up a star-filled night sky.

It’s the perfect atmosphere for soul-searching and deep, meaningful talks with a loved one.

Again, it’s free! And provides much more benefit than staying in and watching TV.

Bottom Line About Living Right Near the Beach

As you can see, there are so many benefits to living right near the beach. It is advantageous for your health, mental wellness, and even relationships.

Where’s the closest beach to where you live? Is it time to get closer to the ocean?

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