New Condos in Florida, 3 Reasons Why They are Popular

Florida is one of the fastest growing states in the country and has been for decades. In fact, Florida grows by about 1,000 people daily. The state’s population has increased by 209% since 1970. There’s no denying that the Sunshine State has some one-of-a-kind benefits to enjoy for years to come. New Condos in Florida have gained popularity almost just as fast. Before you start your search for new condos in Florida, make sure you know what to expect. Here are just a few top reasons people relocate to the warm and beautiful Sunshine State.

The Weather


Obviously, the weather tops the list of reasons to move to Florida. You’ll no longer have to deal with the dreaded wintery conditions that come with living in the north, which also saves you money each year. But more importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in outdoor activities year round. Even the winter in Florida is picturesque.


Of course, any climate has its pros and cons. Most people find that Florida’s weather pros outweigh the cons, but be prepared to deal with heat and humidity.


“Most of Florida has a sub-tropical climate. The majority of the state experiences mild weather throughout the winter, though some northern communities do experience short, mild cold snaps. Summers are hot, sunny and humid. Regular rainstorms are a hallmark of Florida summers, but the storms here rarely last longer than 45 minutes,” writes Claire Hannum on Livability.


Activities Around New Condos in Florida


As mentioned, Florida provides year-round opportunities to participate in some of the most popular outdoor activities, like swimming, fishing, boating, golfing, and more. In fact, these activities have grown to become so popular that the state has become an international tourist destination. It’s true; people come from all over the world to vacation in the Sunshine State. Others come to invest in new condos in Florida to stay there permanently. In 2016, 112.8 million tourists visited Florida. If you’re a fan of these outdoor activities as well as others, you’ll find no shortage of opportunities in Florida.

A kayaker in morning light on the Silver River at Silver Springs State Park, around new condos in florida



Even though relocating to Florida is a popular option for retirees in particular, you’ll have no trouble finding a job if you need some extra income. Walt Disney World is among the state’s largest employers, as is Publix and the local public school system. Beyond those popular employers, there are thousands of businesses that call Florida home, and the region has a strong economy relative to the rest of the Southeast.


Ultimately, four-fifths of Florida’s population growth comes from residents moving to the state, and you could be next if you want to live in a luxury condominium community and experience these reasons for yourself. For more information about luxury condos for sale in Bradenton Florida, contact Palma Sola Bay Club.