Condominiums Are Perfect for Baby Boomers: Here’s Why

It may sound surprising, but it’s true: four-fifths of Florida’s population growth comes from residents moving to the state. Many people prefer living in a luxury condominium community in the Sunshine State, but baby boomers seem to be the most populous generation. Here are just a few reasons why condo living is perfect for baby boomers across the board.

Reasons Why Condos are Perfect for Baby Boomers:

Less Maintenance

Firstly, one of the main advantages of condo living is less maintenance. For anyone living in a condominium community, they can enjoy care free maintenance. What might be the cost, you ask? A low monthly fee will cover basic maintenance like lawn mowing and other landscaping. This ensures that you’re always living in pristine surroundings without having to lift a finger. This lifestyle is particularly ideal for any number of older adults. Many of us don’t prefer to, or simply cannot, perform household maintenance. Many communities also take care of many types of maintenance required inside your home. Making sure that the inside and outside of your property will be meticulously maintained.

More Usable Space

Another aspect of condo living that baby boomers are sure to enjoy is the space. In fact, many baby boomers are downsizing from their current home. The space in your condominium can be for many purposes. You’ll have plenty of room to entertain. Plus, you can even have a guest bedroom and bathroom for friends and family members who want to stay with you when they visit.


Finally, many luxury real estate options like condominiums prioritize walkability by ensuring that there’s a real sense of community. This is relevant because 46% of baby boomers prefer to live in more walkable neighborhoods. Living in a  condo community ensures a relaxing, peaceful, and walkable environment. Many condominium complexes have other stores just outside the community, like grocery stores and restaurants, which ensures that everything you need to live comfortably is just a short drive away. What’s even better is that the friends you make in your community are just a few minutes away as well.

Ultimately, understanding these benefits can help you determine the best living situation for your needs, regardless of your age. For more information about luxury real estate and condominium communities, contact Palma Sola Bay Club.