What to Look Forward to When Moving to Florida – Gulf Coast

Have you envisioned enjoying your retirement years (sunbathing your beach) soaking in the sun in your new home or condominium? If so, then there’s several reasons why you should consider moving to Florida. From sunny weather to diverse populations, this state seems to have it all!

Are you interested in learning more about what moving to Florida would be like? Read on to learn all about the top benefits Florida has to offer.

Tropical Weather All Year

As we age, we tend to dislike the winter months. Why? It means dealing with a lot of snow, slippery ice, and dangerous roads. If you’re considering relocating to Florida, then you won’t have to worry about winters.

Florida has earned its reputation as the sunshine state! Instead, prepare to enjoy brief walks in the beautiful sunshine and coastal breeze.

Among the best moving to Florida tips: get rid of your heavy jackets and winter gear!

No Personal Income Tax!

One of the greatest benefits of living in Florida is having zero personal income tax! This single factor is what drives so many retired and millennial groups to the state.

Despite having no income tax, Florida still ranks as the #2 state for fiscal responsibility.

You’ll Never Get Bored After Moving to Florida

Favorable weather and good finances are important, but what about attractions? If you’re still thinking ‘should I move to Florida,’ then here’s your answer. Check out all Florida has to offer:

  • Beautiful beaches
  • Walt Disney World
  • Orlando Studios
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Everglades National Park
  • Sea World
  • Daytona 500 International Speedway
  • Key West
  • Busch Gardens Tampa
  • St. Augustine

Still don’t believe me? Check out this positive testimonial for more proof. Whether you’re in the mood for peace or an evening out, you won’t get bored here.

Rich History and Culture

All states have a beautiful and rich history. Florida, though, is one-of-a-kind. St. Augustine is the oldest city in the country.

Founded 55 years before Plymouth Rock, the city has seen plenty of cultures. In the beginning, the Spanish maintained control of the city. Soon, the British took it over.

Before long, a battle ensued. Americans were battling the Spanish, British, and Seminole natives to reclaim the area.

Diversity is Beautiful

Due to the state’s interesting past, it remains a salad bowl of different cultures. In fact, Florida holds the title for the #8 most diverse state in the country.

It’s great to meet different types of people in our older years. The experience and knowledge we share with each other is a beautiful thing!

Here’s another thing to know before moving to Florida. The state’s diversity means greater political variety. Party lines are almost even. Currently, about 35% are Democrats and 37% are Republicans.

That means elections are a lot of fun! Be prepared to hear both sides of every issue. The state has voted with the winner of every presidential election since 1964.

Ready to Hit the Beach?

These factors all make Florida attractive for both tourists and potential residents. Does it sound like a good time? Moving to Florida will be a decision you won’t regret.

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