The Best Time to Move to Florida

With crystal clear beaches and a lower-than-average cost of living, Florida sounds like a paradise.

Florida doesn’t have to be a quick vacation, although a vacation anywhere is always appreciated. A more permanent move to Florida will take a lot of planning. For instance, work, family, and other obligations need to be fulfilled before your bags are packed.

If you are ready to embrace a more relaxing lifestyle and make your dollars go farther, read on to find out what season may be the best for your move.

A Spring Move to Florida

In my humble opinion, the best time to move is Spring. The state is even lusher with greenery than usual.

Homes are flooding the market, and moving costs are pretty average.

You won’t have to worry about the temperature being an issue during your move. The weather is rather temperate this time of year, but still warm enough to plan a beach trip.

Being familiar with the community you live in is a big plus. This will help you know which beaches to visit, close attractions, and even what shopping and dining areas will become your staples.


This is probably the most popular time for families with children to move. School is out, and now you have a couple of extra hands to help pack. Your kids will have time to adjust to their new environment and hopefully make a new friend or two.

Summer is also the busiest season for moving, so you won’t be the only one making the move. While a summer move isn’t for everyone, keep in mind it can be beneficial to your children by getting them adjusted to their new school.


Keep in mind that rain might be an issue when moving in the fall. It can range from light sun-filled drizzle to downpours that cover a city or even just a single neighborhood. But, Florida is known for quick showers, making the rest of your day dry and productive.

Aside from the rain, Fall is rather temperate in Florida. You can expect warm temperatures, but they will seem rather cool compared to the summer heat. It’s your choice in taking the risk of the rain with the benefit of cooler temperatures when moving in fall vs. summer.


Hitch a ride with the migrating birds. Birds seem to love their winter trips to Florida so much, that they come back every year.

Winters in Florida are cool, you’ll see natives out in puffer jackets once temperatures hit 70. You won’t have to worry about snow and other harsh road conditions when moving to Florida. If you are moving from a much cooler state, you might be surprised at just how warm it is in Florida during the winter.

Beat the heat by moving to Florida during the winter. It might be a perfect time for your family to enjoy the holidays in your new condominium.

Load Up the Truck

All four seasons have their pros and cons, the decision of when to move is really only up to you.

You already made the bright decision to move down to Florida. We went over each season, and how they may impact the cost and time of your move.

Interested in learning more about how to plan your move to Florida, contact us to help plan your move to the Sunshine State.